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Not many people know but the ‘Malton Amenity Community Interest Company‘ to give it it's full name is the body that actually runs the Malton Food Lovers Festival, Monthly Food Markets and also provides free parking in the Market Place.


Additionally Visit Malton CIC supports a number of charities and good causes with modest grants and in-kind support.

The CIC’s aim has always been “to work with and for the community of Malton, Norton and the surrounding area”.

Visit Malton CIC's operation and accounts are transparent and open. The complete set of company documents can be found on the Companies House website (here). We hope that other organisations will join with us to continue to support Malton into the future.

Visit Malton CIC's financial year runs from 1st October to 30th September. For a report on the projects the CIC has been involved with over the past financial year please click here

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Visit Malton CIC

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01653 693817


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