"I think the reason I love Malton is that at its heart it’s still very much a working town." 


Flat-capped farmers, young jockeys grabbing lunch post riding out. I adore seeing half a pig carried into the butcher’s or a crate of shiny crabs being delivered to the fishmonger.

There’s a realness to Malton. Traditional, old-fashioned, charming – but living and breathing too. 


My vision was to take the incredible local Yorkshire produce – game, shellfish, rare breed meat, cheese, beer, baking and more – and celebrate it right here in Yorkshire!

I’m proud that today you can taste your way around town, eating delicious dishes, buying the famous local produce and learning how to cook it at Malton Cookery School.

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Malton still has traditional butchers, bakers and grocers, quite unusual for a small town these days. Now it also produces its own food and drink, much of it at Talbot Yard Food Court. I get a real thrill knowing visitors can see bread baked, beer brewed and coffee roasted.

People in Malton always have time to chat, and a tour of our 'Made in Malton' producers is perfect for that. I adore finding out from Michelle at Groovy Moo which is the top-selling gelato or from Brass Castle which beer is most popular.

As Malton has become a tourist destination, I'm so excited that people from all across the UK are deciding to spend more of their holidays here.

Whether it’s our traditional food shops, ‘Made in Malton’ producers, markets, festivals, food tours, cookery school or restaurants, I am sure you and your family will find something to enjoy, nibble on or take home.

For me it's the quintessential Yorkshire market town, but then I am a bit biased... Hope to meet you in Malton soon!


Tom x


P.S. Try our little film below – it says it better than I could!

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